Our Services:

Our main work in the matter of gardening consists in maintenances of green areas and installation of irrigation systems.
The maintenances always are carried out guaranteeing that those workins are made to assure a garden to the maximun their possibilities throughout all year.

The irrigation systems that we installed have as primary target the maximun uniformity with the minimun possible water consumption. For it, we selected the most suitable materials, we studied vegetal grounds, directions, plants to water, etc. We installed automated irrigation system always using the best marks of the market.

Proprietor Communities and individuals can benefit from this service, consisting in the maintenance of blox flowers and small landscaped surfaces.
Criteria like the isolation, suitable election of plants, quality and good use

of the different substrates, irrigations, etc, are the considered ones to assure small landscaped zones with a great enchantment. We know that the small details can contribute new and fresh airs to those small forgotten corners.

Our experience in the management of communities allows us to approach an integral service for urbanizations, we know the needs maintenance of this type of areas and know to give the most adapted solutions.

This service includes revision of communitarian lighting system, and adjustment of small failures.

We offer a service of adjustment, embellishment and hygiene of communitarian spaces. We were in charge of the cleaning of accesses, avenues, sport zones, outer and inner vestibules, entrances and all communitarian areas.

We inform to the administration, of preventive form, any type of deterioration in the common facilities, thus contributing in the contribution of improvements that adapt the spaces with the purpose of to make them more accessible and functional.

The swimming pools dedicated to the bath and aquatic sports require a delicate maintenance and therefore of qualified personnel.
We carry out the works of maintenance of the water, filters, motors and other devices of the system.

We propose alternatives to chlorine with the purpose of to obtain water less aggressive and high level of quality. This is a conditional service to the hiring of the gardens maintenance.

Sensitized with the environment, we approached the fight against plagues from the techniques of “Integrated Pest Control”.
We fight the agricultural and gardening plagues as well as the urban plagues (DDD).

The personnel who work in this section are properly authorized and have all the legal permissions.